7th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2013 (7th SASTech)

Civil Engineering & Geoinformation Technology

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1- A review on non-linear unsteady one dimensional flow in coarse porous media
2- Advancements in Airborne LiDAR Technology and its Applications
3- Application Loess Soils in Establishment of Small Embankment Dams
4- Assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation purpose in Amol Plain, Iran
5- Attitude Dynamics of Floating Bodies with Irregular Configurations as Determined by a Computational Model
6- Behavior of Shear Friction Push-off Specimens Made Using Normal and Recycled Aggregates
7- Building detection using hyperspectral images by support vector machines
8- Comparing the Upwind and Central Methods in Estimating Bed slope source term in shallow flows with standing shock waves
9- Conceptualizing Alkali Pozzolan Cement
10- Contribution to the study of the corrosion of the pouzzolana high performance concrete (HPC) in sulfates
11- Control of the Suspension Bridge Nonlinear Vibrations due to Moving Loads
12- Cyclic Loading Effect on the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Weathered Rock
13- Earth Stabilized Concrete Durability
14- Effect of cementitious additions on mechanical properties of micro concretes
15- Evaluation of the gasoline evaporative losses rate and techno-economical and environmental Comparison of the environment
16- Extraction of threshold for partial duration series
17- Identification of Aerosol Sources Based on the Aerosol Optical Properties in Kuching, Sarawak
18- Improvement the Urban Planning Structure in Mashhad metropolis and Shandiz-Iran by Ulman Model
19- Influences of the heat and vegetation cover changes of Iraq deserts on dust storms using Satellite images processing
20- Integrating Risk Management and Value Engineering in the Development of Renewable Energy Project
21- Investigate the Potential and Limitations of Meta-heuristics Algorithms Applied in Reservoir Operation Systems
22- Lead [Pb2+] removal using Palm Oil Fuel Ash as adsorbent
23- Live-Bed Local Scour around Wing-wall Abutments
24- Mashhad Metropolis and Around City Planning For Reducing Of Shandiz Insufficiency Generative-Services
25- Metallic Nanoparticles Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance in Tellurite Glass
26- Microwave Remote Sensing and Soil Moisture analysis in semi arid Environment For Climate Change using Backscattering Coefficient (Σo)
27- Outgoing long-wave radiation over earthquake regions
29- Pulse Velocity and Rebound Hammer Test on Reinforced Concrete Slab in the Former Civil Engineering Laboratory Building
30- Review of relationship between PNPI and NDVI indices Case study monitoring of drought in Azarbaijan - Iran 2000- 2005
31- Risk Analysis of the Slope Stability of Embankment Dam Using Three Different Approaches
32- Road Category wise Use of Modes in Guwahati, Assam
33- Safety Management System; A Developed Measurement of Safety Factors in Construction Projects
34- Safety Management System; An Evaluation of construction safety factors by using Analytic Network Process (ANP)
35- Seismic hazard microzonation of Guwahati city
36- Study on size effect of RC deficient beam-column joints with and without retrofitting under cyclic loading
37- Surface Roughness Improvements of Grey Cast Iron Grade 25 Bearing Cap With Green Sand Casting
38- Surface soil moisture retrieval using a regression method applied on polarimetric SAR images
40- The analytical model of the BRBF system for strengthening the RC building
41- The effect of land use on the occurrence of road accidents in Ghaemshahr city
42- The influence of alloying elements to achieving the mechanical properties of high tensile bolts and nuts
43- The Influence of Natural Pozzolan Content on Durability of High Performance Concrete
44- The study of the effect of structural elements on the Karst water resource abundance in the Dehdasht area using GIS
45- Translation of Nature in Educational Environment
46- What does the Great Earthquake challenge communicators in science and technology
47- Wind Power Estimation from Forecast Wind Data