6th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2013 (7th SASTech)

Scientific Committee on Civil Engineering

No Full name Position / Specialty
1- Dr. Ghazavi Construction
2- Hasan Hajikazemi Construction
3- Dr. S. Sabbagh Hydrolics
4- Mohamad Reza Jafarzadeh Hydrolics
5- Dr. S. Budaghpour Hydrolics
6- Jalil Abrishami Hydrolics
7- Javad Alamatian Construction
8- Dr. Vahid Chegini Hydrolics
9- Mohamad Givehchi Hydrolics

Scientific Committee on Electronics & Communication Engineering

No Full name Position / Specialty
1- Dr. Kashefi Electronics
2- Miar Naemi Electronics High Frequency
3- Mohammad Reza Zahabi Communication
4- Rajab Asgharian Power
5- Mohammadreza Karami Elec. Processing
6- Golamreza Ardeshir Electronics
7- Kambiz Alavi Professor and Associate Chairman, Nanotechnology and MEMS , Optical Device and Systems
8- Abe Eftekhari Dean, Math, Science and Engineering

Scientific Committee on Architecture and Urban Engineering

No Full name Position / Specialty
1- Abdolhadi Daneshpour climatical and sustainable architecture
2- Majid Mofidi Shemrani optimization of energy and sustainable architecture
3- Farhad Ahmadi theoritical bases of architecture
4- Mr Sheybani landscape architecture
5- Ladan Etezadi urban design
6- Mansureh Tahbaz climatical and sustainable architecture
7- Hamed Kamelnia theoritical bases of architecture
8- Alireza Shojaei building construction
9- Dr Hossein Hataminejad Urban Planningn
10- Dr Mahmud Rezaei Urban Design
11- Dr Hossein Zabihi Urban Design
12- Dr Farhad Karimani Urban Design

Computer Engineering & Computer Science

No Full name Position / Specialty
1- Ghaemi Bafghi Computer Science
2- Kahani Software
3- Farhad Kamangar Character Recognition, Image Understanding, Motion Detection, Stereo Vision, Neural Networks
4- Vahedian Mazloom Intelegence
5- Yaghmaee Moghadam Network